Riot made some chill beats for creators to stream to

League of Legends developer Riot is making something new — and very chill. The company just released an album called Sessions: Vi, which is packed with 37 lo-fi tracks from producers like Chromonicci, Junior State, Laxcity, and Tennyson. The idea, the company says, is to offer “stream-safe” music that creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch can use, without having to worry about copyright strikes. The album is available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


Bait and Twitch

Lo-fi beats to quarantine to are booming on YouTube

In typical Riot fashion, there’s also a narrative album. The title is in reference to League character Vi, a criminal with high-tech gauntlets, and Riot’s head of music Toa Dunn says the album is meant to reflect a day in her life. The tracks are divided into three main parts, with vibes to represent afternoon, sunset, and night. “It all comes down to storytelling. It gives a lot of context,” Dunn says of the structure. “This isn’t canon. We’re not trying to expand on Runeterra, but this is another look.”

Music has become an increasingly large focus for Riot, particularly within the fantasy realm of League, with fictional groups like K/DA and True Damage releasing albums and performing at esports competitions. Sessions represents a different direction, but one that makes a lot of sense, given the constant tension between streamers and the music industry. And Dunn says there’s likely more music in the “sessions” line coming in the future as well. “This is drop one of who knows how many,” he says. “We plan to continue to learn and figure out more and more what people like.”

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