Hans Zimmer’s ringtone for the Oppo Find X3 Pro is fit for a Hollywood score

Hans Zimmer, the legendary composer of The Lion King, Inception, and other iconic soundtracks, has brought his epic compositions to a new audio medium: phone sounds. Yes, Hans Zimmer created a ringtone and other phone sounds for Oppo’s newest flagship, the Find X3 Pro, and they’re amazing.

The fact that Zimmer made these ringtones isn’t news. Oppo made a big deal about his involvement in March, posting a video interview with him and an entire song he composed just for Oppo (called “Colourful Future,” if you were wondering) on its YouTube channel. But these videos didn’t have what I wanted to hear: the actual Zimmer-composed sounds by themselves.

So I asked an Oppo PR rep if they could send the tones my way, and they did. Now, I can’t stop listening to them.

I’ve embedded them in this post so you can hear them, too.


Here is the Zimmer-made ringtone — it’s beautiful. As my colleague Ian Carlos Campbell said, “Does he want me to cry every time the phone rings?”

“I want the ringtone to open a door that says there is the possibility to feel something,” Zimmer said about the ringtone in Oppo’s video interview. It worked, Hans.


Here’s the Zimmer-composed alarm tone. It sounds like waking up to a beach sunrise.

Text tone

Here’s the charming text tone:

Notification sound

And here’s a generic notification sound, which I’d like all of my apps to use from now on, thanks.

These are so good that now I’m hoping Google or Apple will work with Zimmer to refresh their phone sounds next. (Just imagine Zimmer’s take on the iPhone’s classic Marimba ringtone.)

I also recommend you watch Zimmer’s full interview on Oppo’s YouTube channel, where he describes how he hears colors. Honestly, I believe it.

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