Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Plus plan now comes with talk, text, and telemedicine

In what looks to be a first in terms of subscriber perks, Boost Mobile has announced that its $60 per month Unlimited Plus cellphone plan will come with access to to 24/7 telemedicine through K Health starting this summer.

Specifically, Unlimited Plus subscribers will get all of the features of K Health’s usual $9-per-month offering. That includes the ability to text chat or hop on a video call with a doctor through the K Health app, which uses the app’s AI suggestions to identify symptoms and potential ailments, and receive actual treatment, including medications and other prescriptions.

The service is free and available for all Boost Unlimited Plus subscribers and offered at a discounted price of $7.99 per month for all of Boost Mobile’s other customers. You can sign up to get access to the service first on Boost Mobile’s site.

Because this is ultimately a phone plan, you’ll also get 35GB of 4G LTE data per month, after which you’ll get throttled to 2G speeds. That comes with “unlimited” talk and text, and a 30GB mobile hotspot as well.

Offering online healthcare to customers was not on the top of my list of things Boost Mobile would do after getting absorbed by Dish Network (as part of T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint). But getting healthcare in the US is an often expensive proposition, and that’s before the bill comes after treatment. And, Boost has a large percentage of low-income customers, many of whom have likely been affected by the pandemic, so providing access to healthcare could be a real shot in the arm.

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