New iPad Pro ad features classic song from The Little Mermaid

Apple’s YouTube page currently has an unlisted video for a very clever iPad Pro ad featuring the song “Part of Your World” from Disney’s iconic animated film The Little Mermaid (via MacRumors).

In the ad, PC users sing the lyrics to the classic song while looking upon their (of course) ugly-looking computer setups that are filled with peripherals and wires. (One woman’s leg is literally tied to her chair by a cord.) Often, they forlornly look outside, where people are happily using their iPad Pros to video chat, play games, and do work, seemingly free from the horrible confines of desktop computing.

The lyrics, admittedly, do apply well for an ad where Apple is trying to prove that an iPad Pro can do everything that a “normal” computer can do without things like a dedicated monitor or a constant power supply. I should note, though, that many of the iPad Pro users in the ad have additional accessories paired with their device such as an Apple Pencil or a Magic Keyboard case. Even in Apple’s own marketing, an iPad Pro on its own sometimes isn’t enough.

Here are all of the lyrics used in the ad, if you want to follow along while you watch. (For the Disney purists, or those that grew up seeing The Little Mermaid approximately one thousand times, like I did, you should know that Apple skips chunks of the full song to make the lyrics work better for the ad.)

Look at this stuff

Isn’t it neat

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete

Wouldn’t think I’m the girl

The girl who has everything?

Got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty

Got whositz and whatzits galore

You want thingamobs? I’ve got 20!

But who cares, no big deal

I want more

Up where they walk, up where they run

Up where they stay all day in the sun

Wandering free, wish I could be

Part of that world

The ad’s appearance follows the release of new iPad Pros in May that have Apple’s custom-designed M1 processor onboard and, for the 12.9-inch model, a brand new Mini LED display.

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