Google Photos will soon make animated photos from your still shots

Google Photos will soon have a cool new trick: if you take two similar images with your phone’s camera, the app will be able to create an animated, moving shot that combines them. It does this by using machine learning to synthesize movement between the two shots. Google creates new frames between them, resulting in a “vivid moving picture.” Google’s Shimrit Ben-Yair made this sound like something that parents will love since now your multiple attempts at the same shot will allow for this added benefit.

The new feature is called “cinematic moments,” and it will work on both Android and iOS, Ben-Yair said.

Google also announced a new locked folder feature that will let you hide your most sensitive images behind a folder protected by a password or thumbprint. The app will also soon let you hide specific people or periods of your life from its “memories” to avoid unwanted reminders of the past.

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